Fiber-Shield® Fabric and Carpet Protectors

  • Repel oil, water, food stains, alcoholic beverages and dirt.
  • No change in the look or feel of the fabric.
  • Effective even after dozens of washings or several dry cleanings.
  • Chemically bonds to each fiber to protect them from spills and soil.
  • Water-based textile protectors: air or heat cure.  Solvent-based fabric protectors: designed for quick drying applications. Air or heat cure.
  • Water-based products: spray, dip or use in rinse cycle.
  • Solvent-based products: spray, brush or roll on. Also aerosol grade available
  • Promotes long lasting appearance protection. Helps prevent fading and abrasion. Soil release properties allow for easier cleaning.
  • Start working upon drying.