Flame-Shield® Fire Retardant
Protects almost all porous materials including most fabrics, wood, draperies, bedspreads, silk plants, SHEETROCK® and wallpaper to name just a few . Flame-Shield® will last until it is washed, rained upon or dry cleaned several times . Approved by two of the most stringent certifications, State of California and New York City Board of Standards and Appeal . Unlike most fire retardants, Flame-Shield® does not change the characteristics of the treated material . No staining, white residue or stiffening of fabrics . The material looks and feels the same as before it was treated . Fire needs two major elements to burn – Oxygen and Hydrogen – Flame-Shield® scavenges the Hydrogen and thus retards the spread of fire . To apply: Spray, Dip Brush or Aerosolize.