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Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. has what you need, in terms of USA made professional-grade products – whether you are a formulator or applicator. No PFOA/PFAAS/PFOS. Need a sample, or more information?


Our textile products repel oil, water, food stains, alcoholic beverages and dirt. No change in the look or feel of the fabric. Effective even after dozens of washings or several dry cleanings. Chemically binds while also providing UV and abrasion resistance.


Whether it is beading, or sheeting, or scratch resistance that is the desired effect on glass, we have them all.


At last, a full line of products to clean, condition and protect leather. No silicones that crack or discolor, and no oily residue. Fade and abrasion resistance – with a spray and wipe application. Also available: ink remover pens.


For a long-lasting, elegant shine on vinyl and rubber, Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. has you covered. Water- and soil repellency, and fade resistance -- without harmful silicones that can crack and discolor.


Products that provide water,soil, salt and stain repellency to seating, carpeting and panels from harsh on-water duty, including fade resistance. No discoloration. No cracking. Made by boaters, for boaters.

Fire Retardants

We have protective products for almost all porous materials including most fabrics, wood, draperies, bedspreads, silk plants, SHEETROCK® and wallpaper to name just a few. Approved by two of the most stringent certifications, State of California and New York City Board of Standards and Appeal. Unlike most fire retardants, Flame-Shield® does not change the characteristics of the treated material when applied as directed.


Our products repel soil, water and road grime, prevent corrosion and fading, and restore original luster to oxidized paint. Chemically bonds with the surface for a long lasting resistance and shine that will not wash off. Easy to apply, and no harmful silicones that can crack rubber, vinyl, and minimize salt damage potential.

Masonry & Concrete

Our products repel water and oil, for easier removal of graffiti. No change in color or feel. Will last for years when applied and maintained as directed. Unlike simple silicones that wear off, Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. remains chemically bonded to masonry, to prevent water infiltration, freeze-thaw cracks, and will minimize potential for salt damage.

“We have been using Fiber Shield for six months now and have been very satisfied with your products and customer service. It’s nice to know that if I need to protect anything, hard or soft, you have a product to address my needs. In the past, I have used cheaper protectants that clog my sprayers, creating delays and costing me valuable time. Since switching to Fiber Shield, I haven’t had that problem. My clients expect the very best from me and they don’t mind paying top dollar for a superior quality product, so I’m glad that I found Fiber Shield.”  --Charlotte, NC

“Fiber-Shield products work and they work well! Five-star customers service and quality all the way."  --Long Island, NY

“You guys are great, love your products” --San Francisco, CA

 “I’m happy with the relationship that we have, you guys always answer the phone and that means everything to us.  Change little and continue on the course.” --Charleston, SC

“Our relationship is great. I appreciate how easy it is to order and pick up product. The product we purchased works excellent.”  --Mamaroneck, NY

“Great Communication!  You are always very helpful when I have questions about your products.”  --Silver Spring, MD

“Thank you for the service you provide us!  You are always on top of our needs, communicating with us regularly to check that we have enough stock of our product and keep us up to date with new products.  You are always available via email or phone call to answer any questions or concerns.”  --Davie, FL

“Thanks for showing us your lab and your warehouse.  Truly amazing!”  --New York, NY

“I am very satisfied with the service and product; I can’t think of anything that would improve that!  There are so many variables in the application and the sales team are very responsive in answering my questions.  I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.  --San Juan Capistrano, CA

"My husband started our business in 1995 using Fiber-shield products.  Their products helped him springboard our business.  Their products and product knowledge are unmatched in the Industry. The owner is an amazing person, resource and has become our dear friend."   --Anaheim, CA

"You are the true meaning of on-time delivery!"  --Chicago, Il

"Your products are continuously best performers!  --Jupiter, FL

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